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How to setup Roku – Follow Easy Instructions

In this Article for all cool we’re just going to basically show you how you can set it up from scratch, and when you get your Roku Okay, you’ll plug it into the mains and you’ll hook it up to your TV and things like that and that’s fine, but you have to go through a few other stages before you can actually get it working and activate it so you can access all its features. Okay. And if you don’t do these euro code you simply won’t work it won’t let you do anything you want it to do until you have all these steps completed Okay, so the first thing with you is what it’s going to go through so the first thing is it’s going to try and connect itself the International, the next stage, then, is this going to check it servers basically its own servers and to see if there’s any additional software updates, you know, for the Roku itself. And its hard section then is, it’s going to activate your Roku Okay, and what that wants to do basically at that stage is it wants to tie that box to you. So, it knows if you’re adding channels that later on that may cost money or something like that, that attitude it’s actually doing it. And basically, you’ll get billed for it, and things like that. But then offline channels are free, so I mean, there’s plenty to be walking away with under Roku without even adding the pay channels.

  1. So the first thing is we’re going to do the connecting to the internet. And the thing about this is there’s two actually Roku is currently available in the UK and Ireland and parking and now in March 2012, there’s the lower cost one that only does our has wireless access on it okay for your broadband, and the more expensive one has wired and wireless.
  2. Now there’s pros and cons to both, obviously, from, if you’re watching Blake’s and Netflix on your Roku and things like that, you’re probably better off to be using it with wired broadband okay and things with wireless things can interfere and things like that, especially over a long distance. And so just to be aware of that. But, you know, the, the one that’s wireless only it is cheaper and in my own house I’ve tested that and it actually works quite well but it’s just something to consider when you’re actually doing it.
  3. Now, the thing is, what we’ll do. At the moment I have got the rock group that actually has the wired and wireless plugged in, that’s the more expensive one.
  4. So what I’m going to do is I’m just going to go through a setup process here.
  5. So first thing it says is Press OK to continue. I’m going to do that. Now it’s going to ask me. Am I going to connect to a wireless network, or wired network, now okay for demonstration purposes of this Article, I’m going to do the wired one, but I’m just going to go into wireless first and show you what you would have to do. So it’s looking for a wireless network and is picking up a couple there. So if you, if you showed, and you know if this was your house, you would have your own number they are distinct why the numbers you can see they’re called inessa Sunday. And if you clicked into that and press OK.
  6. It would ask you to enter your network password, and this is usually written on the underneath of the router that you might have in your hall, you know for broadband or something like that. If it’s not, you’ll have to contact your and broadband provider and ask them how you can find out which it is, but an awful lot of them these days have a little sticker underneath with the network password, and you can use the top down, left and right and things like that. And, you know, to do it a password I mean you’re finished, then you simply go down to connect and you press OK and it’ll connect to your wireless and you can continue on from that point but I’m just going to ignore that for now. So I actually have it plugged into my broadband so I’m going to go wired. Okay, so it’s just going through there detecting internet connection connecting to your local network connecting to the internet. Saw it just takes a few moments.
  7. so the next section down is just, you tell it basically very our soul we’re in Europe, and I’m just saying Ireland and Ireland and you can pick whatever flop format you want Okay, and then you are a diamond going next. Now, this is, this is the most important thing here now.
  8. When you, when you first plug in your Roku when you go through all the stage is here. What you’re going to get at the end of it, is this activation code. Okay, so the code changes every single time that you turn on the machine. Okay. You know, just say, I chose not to register it now. The next time I turn on the machine to go and do with that code would be different.
  9. But the most important thing here is what you have to do is you need to go to your laptop or computer, and you need to type in law crew. COMM, forward slash link, and it’ll bring you to a page where you type that code in. Okay. And what that does is is the first part of the activation, and for your Roku. After you’re finished, after you type in the code on your laptop or PC.
  10. The next page that will come up will ask you to register. Okay, so you will go in there on the Roku website, and you will just like basically create an account so you know you can call yourself, you know, just say your name is Patti Murphy, you gave your name, address, and phone number, things like that and your email details about what it is when you’re in there, you have to give them your credit card details.
  11. No, don’t take any charge office. But why you give them details is at some stage you may want to add a channel onto this Roku. That is a paid channel. And if it’s a paid channel they need to be able to bill you, and if they have your credit card on file, you can be automatically built, but you will not receive any bill or any charge for any free channels which there’s loads of with the Roku, or they just will not charge you indiscriminately for using it the ranting dies, only if you buy a paid channel on the Roku, do you entertain to be aware of is when you’re registering the Roku now and speaking specifically about Ireland here, do you pay have no problem with this because they actually have postcodes.

If this is something that just noticed ourselves when we went to register. If you go to register. Under Walker website. And you’ll put in your name and address here in Ireland and as you know yourself. We’ve no postcards. If you leave the postcode blank, it won’t allow you to register. So, how you got it to register me was I put in 60 euros I just, you know, that was me parcel, and it accepted me straight away. So it’s just to be aware of that and just make the process go smoother for you. And that’s it. So after you do that registration yeah sorry after you went to court under awkward website and then you register yourself as a user, and you input your credit card details. And again, I’d say you’re not charged for doing that. It’s only if you’re buying a paid channel later days. But after you have that done after you have the code entered and you register and have successfully registered, you can see on the screen there it says screen updates automatically upon activation. When you have that done, that screen will change. It all happens automatically as long as you’re connected to the Internet, and it knows that box you have now was tied to you and you all and so, and that’s basically it. Now, just another thing that you might notice that I didn’t show in this Article I wasn’t able to show because I haven’t done already is when you first plug in your Roku, you’re probably going to have to do a firmware update. Okay. And this will do it automatically what it’ll do is, it’s just going to download software from the Roku servers and install it on your machine. It takes maybe a couple of minutes, but it all is done automatically so just be patient and it will definitely you know that the updates are there for your benefit, you know, to increase functionality and things like that. So if it does come up for you which you probably will if you buy a brand new one, and just let it happen and then just wait for it to tell you what to do next and things like that, but basically this Article shows you all the main points as regards, and registering to Roku itself. Okay, so that’s basically it from beginning to end, how you can activate your Roku.

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