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How to Turn Your Roku Into a DVR?

We’re going to transform an ordinary Roku media streamer into a DVR. Now, Roku is a great device for watching Netflix watching Hulu Plus a couple other channels, but it really doesn’t have access to live TV live broadcast channels, and also getting archived broadcast. It’s a little lacking, aside from Hulu Plus, but we found trichter to get all of that stuff that’s coming over the air straight to your Roku, and let’s take a look at how that works. So if you want to turn your Roku box into a DVR you need three, that’s an ITV device like this ITV one USB stick here, which essentially allows you with a regular antenna to watch TV on your computer over the TV on your computer. And then you need to do. One other thing you need to get a special channel it’s a private channel on Roku the Nova DVR channel for that you’re going to go to websites, the no, and we’re going to feature the address on our in the show notes to this episode. Once you’re on that website you scroll down a little bit and you find the novia DVR entry. And then it says this is a private channel to install it, click here. So you click on it, it is going to take you to the Roku websites, if you are logged in already, you can simply add this channel, otherwise you have to log in at this point. And when you have done that you go to yes at channel. Click on it.

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And then it’s going to tell you that it has added this channel to the Roku box. I prepared it already it’s on our TV here the Nova DVR channel. You can access it, and it offers me two options essentially it, you can access live TV with it, and you can access recordings with it.

Like, as if you had a DVR but we’re going to take a look at the live TV first. And this takes a little while because it’s streaming through our local network. And it also has two down convert the singles a little bit we’re going to access, let’s say, educational channel here like PBS local PBS affiliates that stop streaming it converts it again the signal gets degraded a little bit because it’s too big of a file too big of a stream. And this process kind of degrades the signal a little bit, and at the same time. Occasionally, there might be some congestion in your network so it might start out, occasionally we have to see how this works out, there’s various ways to optimize this, but let’s see what will work with right here. And it is receiving retrieving.

And it takes a second and then we are going to watch. PBS live TV on the Roku box stream through the computer. And now, since it is a DVR essentially, since it offers DVR functionality you can of course also pause this at any point, and then start play again and things like that. Now, this is live TV which, of course, you could also just hook up your antenna to your TV, you don’t need this complicated contraption. So let’s take a look at the recording features the really neat feature here, so we go up again this recordings. I have done a couple of those yesterday to kind of prepare for this show, and I have them in this all recordings folder. Let’s access this recording of the electric company great show. If you’re 10 years old anyway. And it’s retrieving again, and you’re going to notice again. It is a little bit downgraded, and it might start out every now and then it’s definitely not an HD picture. And the reason for that is that this is a little bit of a hack this has been developed by a third party developer who really just wanted to get more features to Roku box, but he uses a functionality of the ITV device which makes it possible to stream to your iPhone, essentially, and since this is the iPhone resolution, it is not HD it’s not the best quality, and there’s a couple of ways to tweak this we’re going to provide a link in the show notes to this, that show you how to improve the experience and then you have to see what’s possible in your network kind of balance it out. But, as you can see again DVR functionality you can pause it, you can play. You can even fast forward through it. If the network’s going to do this, allow this for us here. And then we play and it loads up again and it’s basically a DVR recording on my Roku box. So this is an easy and interesting way to get more content on the Roku box to turn your Roku box into a DVR. Now is it a TiVo, of course not. It doesn’t have this extra functionality, it doesn’t have the nice UI that the TiVo offers you. But then again, a Roku box is much cheaper you don’t pay monthly fees for it. And if you want to get more content on the Roku box this is a nice hack to do it, and I had to really emphasize it is a heck, but I think it is really clever, because it connects devices in a new way and I always really liked it when we find these new tricks to get more stuff out of device that they already own. Now if you own a Roku and you have a clever hack like this to share with us, maybe on another device a Boxed computer connected to your TV and you have found interesting and new ways to get content this way. We would love to hear from you.

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