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How to get the New Roku Plex Channel?

What we’re looking at is we’re going to take a look at the new Plex channel. We have previewed the Plex preview version of the new Plex channel that was available for Plex past members before. But what we’re going to be able to show you today is that the Plex has been updated. Now what you see right here is the old version of Plex the original for Roku. And what we’re going to do is update it using Roku update services. And so we’re going to go out to the home screen by pressing the Home button, looks like a house. We’re going to go in to settings, and from settings are going to go to system. And system update. And if it’s ready to go what we should see is a message that says, updating Plex channel so let’s press update and see what happens breath. Okay. And check now. Updating Plexi There we go. And the relaxed channel. Wow, so don’t get too excited about the new Plex, I guess we can check out the new updated relax channel. So, we’ll hit home again and go back into Plex and let’s see if we see something new. This is the new interface for flex no more need for the flex preview channel. This is available for everyone. Now, we found out about this do an email to Plex and any Plex customers who are going to be able to see that email. But we now have channels. Yeah, nice big channels here. And we have our queued up content, hit more, and you have a nice menu here.

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I’ve shown the channels recently because they updated the preview channel but I’ll give you a look at them. If you haven’t seen that before. You see that it’s still a side to side sort of view but you get more channels you get two rows of them. And if you actually take a look at the channels, they look different, that it’s a much nicer interface, show you an example like let’s say ABC. See, you get sort of a fan art look kind of resembles XBMC or Kodi, or even just like a, an actual standalone app has more of a full look to TV channel app still pull from the official website so you don’t have, you know, full every single episode of everything, but whatever is available to ABCs website. You can grab it. I saw the movie Princess Bride. So, that is what is going on with Plex that’s exciting Roku fan should be very very happy. It’s a beautiful, beautiful interface, and we’re glad that we could bring this to you first.


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