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How to add HBO Now to the Roku?

What we’re going to do today is show you how to add HBO NOW to the Roku as of the making of this video there’s only one way to do it. That’s probably going to change in the next couple of weeks, even the next couple of days. But right now, because HBO NOW is the newest thing on the Roku. Here’s how you do it. You go into streaming channels, and you go to the new category. Let me just show you that one more time. From home. Streaming channels. Press OK, go to new. And there’s HBO NOW.

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I took a look at other categories and it just doesn’t appear to be there right now, standard TV everywhere, which of course is more of a cable thing. It’s not under let’s see movies and TV

Where you would expect to find it. But I’m sure that’ll be up there soon as well it’ll probably be under popular paid and things like that but right now it’s only under new, it doesn’t even come up in the search which is kind of a surprise. But it must be just because it’s so new you see HBO Go but not HBO NOW. So, just a little tip for you. If you’re viewing this very soon after the announcement.

But no bother, because at the moment, you can still add it just by going to new. So, what we’re going to do is go ahead and go to new Express. Okay. And I expect that we’re going to get some sort of a code for the computer like we usually do let’s say it has been added. All right. Let’s go to the channel.

So apparently we do not have to set it up but it’s not going to let us go in and take a look like HBO Go does. In general, I can tell you have seen HBO NOW and it’s a really nice service. It’s also. You can also access a lot of HBO content on the Roku slings TVs, HBO package. They both cost $15. But, HBO NOW is going to be a big addition to the Roku and especially the Roku four.


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